For study purposes, I created various MindMaps (dropbox folder) showing essential information for 147 Italian wine regions.  Click on an icon below to see my study notes... These are 1st drafts based on the VIA Syllabus as well as the Italian National Registry. As I update these mind maps, I have created a folder with the "disciplinare", the rules governing wine growing and making, of each of those below.  Because of the huge quantity of information, this is a work in progress. Please visit for regular updates.  Photos, when not my own, are sourced from various consorzio websites, or, when I was desperate, key wine producers in related regions. I hope you find these mind maps useful! If you see something you do not agree, you will be so kind to let me know so that I can review your comments and possibly update the related map accordingly.  If you recognize a picture you took and do not want me to use it in those maps, please let me know kindly and I will certainly change it.