wine alchemy - chinese style

the annual electronic fair is on right now in hong kong and visiting on saturday, i saw dozens and dozens of stands showing all kinds of wine cabinets and all kinds of wine gadgets in various shape or form.

a booth that particularily caught my attention was showing this machine that seemed to come straight out of frakenstein's lab: a transmogrifier of wine!

it claims to use a scientifically proven physical process to age the wine in the space of a few seconds or minute.  simply buy a young chateau petrus, say, insert it in the transmogrifier, type some specific year that you want to taste on the key board, turn on the switch, let is do its magic work, and, voilà!  perfect and ready to drink and you just saved 20-25 years of cellaring.

no kidding.  if anyone is interested, i can helo you contact the supplier and arrange a container to b delivered to your address within 60 days.

see the machine in person below: