guangzhou wine bar

right around the corner from maria's apartment and within walking distance from the luxurious garden hotel in guangzhou, there is a neat little wine bar called the "friend's daily".

it's location is very much in a residential neighbourhood and so it's atmosphere is friendly and casual.  the clientele is mainly local with a few expats.

it has a wine list from regions extending from argentina, australia, usa, italy, and of corse france which is the bulk of their listing.  they keep their wine in a specially built little room with glass walls that they keep at a low temperature.

wines are served in riedel glasses and they also have a small menu with the usual wine cheezes and cold meats that one can expect in a wine bar.

well worth the discovery if you want a break from chinese food.

friend's daily: g/f, 11 tao jin jie lu, guangzhou, tel: +86 20 8359 6681