mcdonald at the canton fair

we started this blog with the view of talking about our passion for food and for wine.  this obviously implied we would focus on what we like best.

but i think it should also be about special experiences as well and so this is why today i report about mcdonald at the canton fair.

this place is absolutely unbeleivable.  

the sheer number of people they serve per hour during lunch time is staggering.  their organisation is super efficiencient and they run it like an small army unit.  what is most amazing is that you wait for a very short time even though 25 people are standing BEFORE you get served.  all this thanks to a system in which an attendant takes your order while you are standing in line, send it wirelessly to her unit back in the kitchen, tells you how much it will cost and gives you an order number, by the time you reach the cashier, the order is already packed and you only have to pay and go.  total waiting time 7 minutes.  now, that is 25 orders processed in 7 minutes.  make that 15 cashier.  that is flabberghasting.






















no matter you like or not, this to me is an incredible food experience.  of course, it is processed food and of course it is only fuel.  but the alternative at the fair is actually worst.  and so, fuel is still needed...

the other thing that is amazing about this mcdonald is the variety of nations sitting next to each other in the dining room, you have americans sitting next to pakistanis who are sitting next to israelis who are sitting next to germans who themselves are sitting next to nigerians who are sitting next to get the picture...and this is an amazing picture.





















the canton fair is the celebration of globalisation for best and for worst.  whether you agree or not, this is human evolution and it is not possible for me to look at this scenery and dismiss it as not being important.

there, mcdonald at the canton fair...