wollersheim domaine reserve 2005 - tasting notes

on my last trip to madison, wisconsin, everyone thought i was joking when i said i wanted to buy the local wine.  in fact, it was not easy to find as well.  i was so surprised by this and also disappointed.  we had to go to 3 different wine shop before we cold find a decent bottle. 

we then went for dinner at one of the top streakhouse in madison to be told they it would not be possible to drink our bottle.  ok, i said, in that case, we will drink the local wine on your list.  the waiter told us they did not have such!  it in only by insisting and speaking with the manager that they realised that in fact, they did have one choice... 

i do not understand this.  madison is the capital of wisconsin and i had read in some magazine prior to my trip that wisconsin actually has an up an coming wine industry that is definitely worth to look at.

and so finally, i bought a bottle from wollersheim winery, which i was told was a leading winery and one that actually won some awards before.

finally, i opened it with alexandre who thought i was joking and we were pleasantly surprised by what we poured in our glass.

as usual, our tasting notes are based on the WSET systematic approach to tasting (level 4 diploma - light wines):


clear bright, medium ruby red a core, breaking paler at rim.  with many thin and ong legs around the bowl


clean, youthful, with medium intensity aromas of soft red fruit, smoke, vanilla, and hints of pepermint.  a soft nose, pleasant and perfumed


dry, low acidity, low tannin (ripe and round), medium + alcohol and medium body.  medium intensity flavours as nose with more pronounced pepper and vanilla.  medium - lenght.  very well balanced, with a very soft mouthfeel and pleasant complexity.


certainly acceptable if not good.  it is soft, pleasant, with some complexity and very well balanced.  unfortunately the lenght is short.

ready to drink, can age 2-3 years.

bought in madison wisonsin, april 2007 for usd 35 in a nice wine shop outstide of town which i forget the name but the good people of madison would know as they serve food and have a super nice selection of cheezes and also a wide range of beers.