a passion for travels - ''view outside my window'' photo set on flickr

wine and food are for me 2 parts of a 3-part passion.  traveling is the 3rd.  i really get excited every time i pack my suitcase and i love it so much that i am on a buzz from the moment i put the key in the door when i leave to the moment i return - no matter how long the trip.

since i plan to travel so much in the next 12 months, i have decided to begin a little experiment and take a photo each morning outside the window where i will be staying (including the in-between when i will be in hong kong).

as i am not sure it will interest anyone, i will post my photos on my flickr (you can see the set by clicking here) and from time to time, i will post them on this blog.  who knows, perhaps after 1 or 2 years, it will be interesting to see a kind of pattern?

in any case, watch out for my windows when i travel as below in the next year:

- christmas & new year holidays in india

- january business trip in france & holland

- february (chinese new year) holidays in chile & argentina

- march trade show in taipei

- april trade show in italy (verona)

- may trade show in shanghai

- may business trip in u.s.a.

- june holidays in great barrier reef

- august trade show in germany

- september holidays in italy (amalfi)

- december retreat in thailand

also plenty of trips in between to taichung, shanghai, and other exotic locals in china...