solaia 2002 (annata diversa) - antinori - tasting notes

it is always a treat when franco visits us from italy.  first because his suitcase is always full of food and wine, but best because we get to open some pretty great bottles to taste the 3 of us together.

tonight, we review the solaia 2002 annata diversa named in such a way because the weather was especially good the cabernet grapes in that year and antinori did not use sangiovese as they do usually.  the is only made with cabernet sauvignon & cabernet franc.

our tasting notes are based on the wset systematic approach to tasting:


clear bright, deep ruby at the core and breaking at the rim, with a great many thin legs


cleam, developping with medium intensity aromas of stewed black forest fruits, pepper & savoury spices, vanilla, with hints of ageing characteristics: leather, prune.  mouthwatering and complex with layers and layers of aromas coing out at each passage


dry, medium (-) acidity, medium (-) tannins (slightly harsh), medium (+) alcohol and medium body.  medium intensity flavours as nose, savoury, a little harsh in mouth.  complex finish with medium lenght.


good.  not exceptional.  acceptable complexity, a good balance, young enough with enough tannins and acidity to offer potential for ageing.  ready to drink but can age another 2-3 years.