prosecco in hong kong & china

on my way to india, i read an interesting article in the economist about the growth of prosecco (see the online version: fizzy or still?).   it reports that over the last 15 years, sales of the prosecco has doubled and they are now looking to expand in new countries around the world.

considering that champagne has experienced in 2007 the fastest growth of any wine categories in hong kong and china, the prosecco producers would be well advised to look to asia for their next marketing campaigns.

in fact, the refreshing and sharp floral aromas and flavours of prosecco have much potential here.  indeed i have found it complements the rich, tasty, intense flavours of the food better than the more delicate and bready champagne.  prosecco is also slightly sweeter which would be a better to a good that is generally saltier cuisine.

besides, each time i go to a blind sparkling wine tasting in hong kong, we are always asked to vote on which is our favourite among the asti, champagne, cava, australian sprakler and prosecco.  each time, prosecco comes out 1st or 2nd.  it's normal.  it's easy to drink, refreshing, pleasant, delicious and full of yummy aromas and flavours.

any campaign that will be worth it's ''salt'' should focus around food and how prosecco is perfect and easy to drink with friends and family - among the basic and most fundamental aspects of chinese socialising.

prosecco has a bright future here in asia.