domaines astruc - blanquette de limoux - tasting notes

during my WSET studies for the unit on sparkling wines, i look and look for a blanquette de limoux so that i can taste it and of course practice for the exam. 

i did not succeed to find one and so i was very happy when i attended a wine dinner hosted by domaine paul mas and was able to order a ew bottles to be delivered the next day to my office. 

and so, at a dinner last night, i served it to my guests and they actually liked it better than champagne.  in fact, i always thought that champagne is an acquired taste or a status symbol.  or both...  the blanquette is pleasant, delicious and accessible while being complex enough to make it a very good appetizer wine.

here is our tasting notes (brief version):

Pale golden color with fine persitent bubbles. Medium intensity, brioche, green apple, citrus, fresh mineral aromas.  dry, refreshing acidity, soft creamy mousse.  medium intensity flavour, lightly and mouthwatering citrus, less brioche on palate, yet strong hints of autolitic complexity.   delicious lenght and finish.  pleasant and delicious.

bought in hong kong hkd 158 (usd 20)