1961 & other 1960s bordeaux great growths - tasting notes

at a tasting saturday, i had an amazing experience.  in fact the whole tasting was a kind of nirvana of the wine world.

i was carefully warned before arriving that it was possible that 6 out of the 8 we were about to taste would be in poor condition and there was a possibility that none of those 6 would be drinkable.  it must be said that 6 of those were bordeaux made in the 60's. 

 in order of tasting we were served:

- chateau de pez 1995 - which was a kind of ''insurance policy''

- chateau latour 1967

- chateau latour 1966

- chateau beychevelle 1961

- chateau leoville-barton 1962

- chateau leoville-barton 1961

- chateau ducru-beaucaillou 1961

- moss wood margaret rive cabernet sauvignon 1994 - a ''plan b'', albeit an delicious one

to the utter amazement (or relief...) of our tutor, all wines were in perfect condition!  at last, after 3 years of studying about wine and being told that wines of such and such quality must acheive such and such greatness after ageing, i had the chance to experience for myself what the ''fuss is all about''.  and an experience it was! 

alas, like a drug addict on crack, i am now hooked!!  how can i ever go back to drink this infect ''piquette'' they serve us in most restaurant in hong kong???

here, i try to describe the chateau ducru-beaucaillou 1961 - described as the ''quintessential bordeaux'' and one of the best example of an aged bordeaux


clear bright (yes, even after 46 years...) of pale yet rich intentsity tawny color at the core and a wide brown rim breaking and mahogany at the edge.  with several luscious legs at slipering along the bowl of my glass...


clean (alleluia!), of medium (+) intensity, fully developped with savoury and complex aromas of tobbaco, dark chocolate, spices, tar, cedarwood..


dry with low acidity, low tannins and medium (-) alcohol level.  a medium (-) body with medium (+) intensity of delicious flavours of humid tobacco with dark cholate laced with black pepper, a touch of cardamon and cedar, a slight savoury edge.  a long, delicious, and savoury finish.  silky and soft on the palate.

amazing quality, balance, and complexity.  a fantastic experience early in my wine career...