la face cachée de la pomme - neige 2004 - tasting notes

an amazing little discovery, we had this wine together with desert at a birthday brunch this week-end. 

as i brought this wine all the way from canada as a kind of experiment, i only served 2-3 glasses to those i thought would know how to appreciate it. within 5 minutes everyone at the party (about 25 people) wanted to taste at least a sip, to see the reactions and the word of mouth spreading like wildfire in the room was in itself quite an experience....

reviewed using the WSET systematic approach to tasting:


clear bright of medium intensity golden color with luscious legs at the bowl


clean with medium (+) intensity, developping. aromas of apple skins, orange blossom, honey,  with medicinal characteristics reminding one of a spirit rather than a sweet wine


sweet with medium acidity and medium alcohol level.  a medium (-) body with medium (+) intensity of orange blossom, honey, apricot, ripe apple, pinapples.  a complex, fresh, and luscious palate with a long finish and watery freshness that calls for another sip.


good: a fine balance between acidity, flavours, and alcohol level.  a very refreshing wine which shows smoothness and complexity of flavours.

a very surprising discovery considering that it is made from frozen apples and not from grapes.  definitely to look for.