auberge pyrenees cevennes - paris

Its on recommendation from the concierge of my hotel that we went for dinner at l' auberge pyrenees cevennes last night. as soon as we arrived, we knew dinner would be fantastic.

located in the 11th arrondissement, it is off the tourist circuit and the clientele last night were mainly regulars who came to enjoy their "specialites lyonnaises". the menu was simple with earthy, comfort food just like my grand mother cecile used to make. the atmosphere is warm and traditonnal reminding you of a hunting lodge in the middle of "la campagne francaise".

looking around, i was amazed with the size of each portions and everything smelled and looked so tasty: i did not know what to choose from their long list. and so, i finally started with "une terrine campagniarde" which was really a dish to share (tasty, reminding me of those brunch champetre we used to have when i was a kid), and for the main "un pave de rumsteak sauce aux poivres", a humongous piece of meat served covered in a home-style black pepper sauce to absolutely die for...(my mouth is watering as i am writing this...)

for wine, we were less impressed by our selection, but the list itself was full of very interesting labels and so next time, i will be more judicious in my choice.

overall a great culinary experience in a warm (chaleureuse) and friendly atmosphere. a great dinner for the cold and humid weather this time of year.













auberge pyrenees cevennes, 106 rue de la folie mericourt, 11e arrondissement. tel: +33 01 43 57 33 78