hong kong abolishes import duty on wine & beer!

a fantastic news today.  thanks to a ''record budget surplus'', the hong kong government has decided to abolish the import tax on wine and beer.

already last year, it slashed the duty from 80% to 40%, starting today, it will be 0.

however, cynical has i am, i think this news is great mainly for distributors, restaurants and bar, which have not reduced wine prices by much after the first round of cuts.

in any case, let's hope that 0 duty will translate into higher quality offerings across the board and you can be sure that i will keep my eyes on this after a few months of ''inventory liquidation''.

for sure however, you can expect me to buy a 2nd suitcase and load it with wine when i return from vinitaly later this month.

cheers and 40 x cheers!