hong kong import tax on wine abolished - controls are still in place

gregory de'eb who is in charge of crown wine cellars in hong kong has just sent me an email with a few tips related to the import wine duty that has been abolished today in hong kong , he says:

1- as of today, no duty paid on wine - included those held in bonded facilities

2- administrative controls remain in place until the month of may when legco is expected to pass the budget which means that although no duty will be paid, all documents and procedures are same as before, so if you plan to (as i will in april) bring back a lot of wine in your suitcase, you should still declare them at custom and if you have wines in bonded facilities or planning to import wine you still need to submit the paperwork

3- that tax can go up again when they present the budget in 2009 and so you should think ahead and benefit from this period of duty free to bring all of your wines into hong kong wherever you keep it.  the good people of crown cellars will help you transport and store it should you need it.

crown wine cellar is a wonderful facility in shouson hill where they offer wine storage services as well as rooms for wine related actitivities be they private enjoyment of your wine or larger events surrounded in a fine atmosphere.  recipient of the unesco asia-pacific award, it is located in the bunkers the british military used 70 years ago as a weapon and ammunition depot. being 20 meters deep into the ground with walls 2-meter thick, crown wine cellar has installed state of the art equipment for the finest storage of its kind.