argentina - terrazas de los andes - tasting notes

an interesting visit at terrazas. as i mentioned earlier, they produce extremely well-made wines. almost flawless. their wines are widely available in hong kong especillay at oliver's in prince's building in central.

as always, as a practice for my wset diploma, i base my notes on the wset systematic approach to tasting:

terrazas de los andes chardonnay 2007:

pale lemon flesh with green hues. medium intensity tropical fruits, vanilla, cream. very soft on palate yet medium (+) acidity. medium body and alcohol. medium lenght. perfect with smoke salmon and greens.

terrazas de los andes chardonnay reserva 2007 very much as previous one but more pronouced vanilla and coconut. smoky charater and slightly spicy. softer and more elegant. nice.

terrazas reserva malbec 2006

medium purple color paler at rim. medium intensity plum, violet, vanilla. hints of dry coconut. low acidity, medium tannins. medium lenght. a "proper" wine. well made, tidy, an excellent representation of an argentinean malbec.

cheval des andes 2004

a "bordeaux blend" made together with the good people of super premium bordeaux' chateau cheval blanc. unfortunately i detected a little bit (much in fact) of oxidation and i suspect the wine had been decanted much earlier for another tasting. in any case, going a little deeper and hoping it was not whishful thinking, i found:

a deep purple color and barely paler at the rim. many thick legs coating the bowl.

Beyond the hints of oxidation, medium intensity jammy dark forest fruits, dark cherries, coffee, meat, savoury spices, minth, vanilla. super concentrated on the palate. medium acidity, medium ripe round tannins, medum alcohol and body, all in perfect balance. Long lenght, complex. excellent now but will definitely age well for 5-6 years although i wonder if hints of oxidation only after a few hours of decanting is not a sign that the wine should be consumed young rather than older.