a long long way...

Oh boy... is it a long way?!?

we left our apartment on saturday at 10 am hong kong time to arrive here on sunday at 8 am santiago time (7 pm hong kong time) - a crazy 33 hours transit!!

beleive it or not, jet lag is not a problem so far. my secret to deal with it is to arrange my sleeping pattern to coincide with the time i will arrive at destination. And so, i kept awake the whole 12 hours from hong to los angeles by watching every single movies and tv program available, struggled like crazy to stay awake in the lounge while we waited for the lan chile flight to santiago and as soon as we sat in the that plane i popped 1 sleeping pill and slept a good 8 hours of the 11 needed to make it from la to santiago. after a good breakfast in the plane and felt fresh on arrival at 8 am at the hotel. beleive it or not, i felt the trip was actually quite short.

we had hot showers as we stepped in the room, had another breaksfast and went about town until mid after-noon when we can back to enjoy the sun and the pool. maria had a nap but i went for my 1/2 hour swim which really gave me a second wind so that i was able to stay awake until bedtime.

this strategy works for me every time.