friendship between countries - reciprocity entry fee

don't you love how countries are friendly to each other?  they strive to keep their relationship on a even par, after all, tit for tat they call it...  it takes two to tango, right?

and so i discovered when we arrived in santiago.  as you know, the trip took about 30 something hours and so we were a little bit wired when we arrived and since no one really advised anything about needind a visa to visit chile, we went straight to the immigration line.

there was a lot of people and the efficiency, i guess, south american: very smooth.  so after 1 hour wait, it was our turn and were told by the friendly immigration officer that canadians have a 'fee' to pay, so, we should go back to the cashier and pay that fee.

easy enough right.  but there was another wait.  another hour!

so, for you americans, australians, canadians, and mexicans, be warned, you must pay usd 131 to have the pleasure of visiting this wonderful country...