wine 365 - santiago

last night, tired and lazy, we decided to stay at the hotel's wine bar incidentally called ''wine 365'' because they have 365 chilean wines on their list, one for each day of the year.

decor was hotel like but we sat on a nice little terrace outstide.  service is definitely lacking as we waited 1/2 hour to be asked if we wanted wine and another 1/2 to receive them.  in any case, i am not sure if this is south america or the hotel, i will let you know later.  one thing is sure is that we will not go back unless it's torrential rain outside...

i order a flight - you know i love this concept and so while i was writting my notes, my sweet maria was listening to the couple next to us having a fight...

here are my notes, the carmenère was had by maria:

Van siebenthal reserva 2006 - aconcagua - carmenere:

medium intensity aromas of forest fruits - rasberries, blueberries, blackberries, vanilla, hints of mint & eucalypteus; medium acidity, low tannins (round), medium body, high alcohol, medium intensity flavours of mint, eucalypteus, black berries, herbaceous character overall. medium lenght, simple finish


terrunyo 2007 - casablanca - sauvignon blanc:

medium (-) intensity aromas of grass, grapefruit, green apple, very fresh; medium (-) acidity, medium body, medium alcohol, with medium intensity flavour of lemon, grapefruits, fresh cut crass, unripe green apple, short lenght with a somewhat complex finish


veranda gran reserva 2006 - casablanca - chardonnay:

low intensity aromas of citrus, vanilla, hints of cream and yogurt; low acidity, medium body, medium (+) alcohol, medium intensity flavours of oak, vanilla, cream, citrus, short & simple lenght undurraga altazor 2004 - cabernet sauvignon - maipo medium intensity aromas of blackcurrents, black barries, vanilla, spices, coffee, hints of herbaceaousness; medium (-) acidity, medium ripe tannins, medium body, medium (+) alcohol, medium intensity flavours of black berries, coffee, spices, vanilla. medium & complex length.

ge 2003 emliana - bordeaux blend (biodynamic) - colchagua:

high & concentrated intensity aromas of dark fruits - blueberries, black berries, black cherries, spices - cinammon, anis, liquorice, quina, vanilla, minth; medium (-) acidity, medium tannins (unripe), medium (+) intensity flavours of dark berries, eucalypteus, mint, spices, herbaceous. Long and complex but a bitter finish