shintori shanghai - my most popular flickr photo

a few months ago, by a strange coincidence, many of my hong kong friends had separately planned to visit shanghai on the same week-end we were going.  and so, on finding this out, we arranged to meet for the saturday dinner at shintori, a modern japanese restaurant.

it was during the period when i sort of became a bit of a photography-niac and started to take pictures of all the wine i was drinking and all the food i was eating.  so, when we arrived there, i thought the restaurant extremely photogenic and so, obviously, i became a bit crazy taking pictures of it at all angle.

particularly interesting at shintori is their open kitchen and from our mezzanine table, we had a somewhat spectacular view of the action down below.  so a happily snapped my heart-content and posted the results on my flickr account so that my friends could have access to them.

interestingly, one of them became the most viewed of my account and it seems that search engines and the like are responsible to draw traffic to this photo.  and so, i present it to you here:

















the food was ok by the way.  you can read a review written by the economist magazine here


Shintori - 803 Julu Rd, Shanghai, Tel: +86 (0)21 5404 5252