once in a lifetime - acker merral condit wine dinner at the china club

of course, friends will tell me that last night's wine dinner was historical, at least as far as my history is concerned.  a once in a lifetime opportunity.  and to think that i almost did not go because i was completely knackered from a 3-day marathon of tastings after tastings at vinexpo hong kong in the last week.  in the end though, i could not resist.  and so, i put on a tie and made my way up to the china club, this fine hong kong institution where fine art meets chinese nostalgia of the years bygone.

acker merrall condit, this fine wine merchant, has already sent press releases after press releases informing us that they are setting up "pignon sur rue" in hong kong and so i will not repeat the details.  one thing i was told however, is that they did an unprecedented job at public relations during the week leading to today's auction with a degree of lavishness unseen anywhere, even here in hong kong. clearly, their intention is to make the most out of the abolition of wine import duties and firmly establish themselves here become the leading fine wine auction house in asia.

and so, yours truly was a recipient of this lavishness and i report here this historical wine dinner here for the record.  out of respect for these fine fine wines, i will not report individual tasting notes - i know that some of you will be most disappointed and i truly apologize...  the wines were, in order of service:

- château angelus 2005

- château angelus 2003

- château angelus 2000

- château pichon lalande 1996

- château pichon lalande 1995

- château angelus 1998

- château angelus 1990

- château angelus 1989

- château pichon lalande 1989

- château pichon lalande 1986

- château pichon lalande 1982

of course, my favourite was château angelus 2005, followed very closely by château pichon lalande 1989.  to describe the 2005 is very difficult other than to say it was as soft as cashmere.  velvety but softer than that. like what chocolate mousse is to chocolate. extremely balanced, perfumed, with lovely levely round red fruits.  a long, complex, sweet spicy after-taste.  firm on the palate yet gently caressing as if wanting to make love to it.  lovely, lovely, lovely experience.  the 1989 was completely different.  yet, nonetheless exciting.  straight and aristocratic like a british gentleman "de la haute société".  yet, it had the mysterious spiciness of a dark arabian night.  complex, elegant, long lasting.  now more tobacco box and cedar wood than fruits, yet minty and still with lingering hints of blackcurrants and other dark berries.  expressive from the first sniff with an incredible evolution in the glass throughout the evening.  a wine never to forget and a once in a lifetime wine experience.