ever the eagle eye - my two-cents worth in the south china morning post last week

increasingly watchful of the hong kong wine scene, yours truly was invited to comment on wine prices since the abolition of import duties last april.  you can read about it in an article written by sara yin and published in the scmp on 18 june titled glass half empty.

wine prices is only one of the issues that i am becoming interested with (read: "increasingly opiniated about") as i continue to learn about the wine industry via my WSET diploma.  i will come back to this topic later this summer. 

other issues are wine education (and the lack thereof), wine snobs, wine bores, wine speak (especially crazy wine notes that includes far-fetched description like "i notice a whiff of sulfur"), wine scores, and an issue that grates me beyond belief: the quality and service of wine by the glass in restaurants and bars around the world.