a neat little wine book by debra meiburg

ever since i started my wine studies with the wset, i have been puzzled by winespeak.  in fact, i should say that i have been rather baffled by it.  most magazines i read are inconsistent and most of them use a language that is pretty out of touch with what wine lovers "at-large" relate to on their day-to-day wine experiences.  no wonder people are easily charmed by the simplistic 100-points ratings of robert parker and wine spectator...

and so, it was with great delights that i read debra meiburg's neat little book last week simply titled "tasting wine with debra e. meiburg".  ms. meiburg is one of the first 2 people in asia to have passed the very difficult theory exam of the master of wine and she is now well on her way to earn the title M.W. when she completes her thesis later this year.

the book simplifies and clarifies winespeak in a very charming and soft approach.  it focuses on the essential and relates to anyone's day-to-day sensory experiences so that the reader has a sense of déjà-vu and ends the book feeling that wine tasting is in fact all very simple.  which it is when you consider that it involves your senses and that is all we really need when we taste wine.  each page focuses on a simple theme and has an "interactive sensory experience" to further emphasise the point.  as a bonus, the book includes a simple little chart to get readers going on taking notes and "organizing" those in a simple little format so that a conclusion can be easily drawn without the help of robert parker or jancis robinson.

well done and highly recommended!  i bought the book at watson's wine cellar in causeway bay (at the park lane hotel) and i also saw it at other watson's wine cellars around town.