hong kong wine lovers on facebook

several months ago, dorotha introduced me to facebook.  the moment i registered i was hooked (see my profile here) and i created a group called hong kong wine lovers.  ever since, i have worked hard to build the membership so that members can share wine tips and inside information on the group's wall

a few weeks ago, a member, dominique chiarla, suggested we do more with the group.  so today, i am launching an experiment:  i am inviting group members to post their tasting notes on the group's wall.  i want to test winespeak.  my hope is that non-professional get to write their impressions about their wine experience in real language and not winespeak.  i want to listen to the voice of the people so that i can learn how non-wine-writers relate to wine. 

i hope this will help me prove a point that wine professionals in general are not necessarily in touch with the reality of wine on a day-to-day basis...  but then again, i might be wrong...