pertinace 2005 – barbera d’alba

right now in hong kong, I am not at all happy with wine prices.  after-all, the import tax went down 80% in the last 18 months and yet, regular consumers like myself yet have to see price reductions on most wines on offer. 


and so, these days I make it a point to buy the cheapest wines available on lists in every restaurants we visit as well as wine shops we buy our wines.


ironically (or cynically?) we are told that the reason we do not see price differences on wine lists is that the selection was replaced with better quality at the same price.  really?  most restaurants I visit have not changed the list much.  those that did, from experience, seem to have a very strange idea of quality – perhaps they should attend a wset class…


today I was a bit sceptical when I uncorked a barbera d’alba from pertinace (vintage 2005).  firstly, we bought the wine on sale at hkd 148 at city super and secondly, on removing the foil, the cork was plastic which always gives me shivers.


what a surprised when maria pleasantly exclaimed that the wine was “verrry gooood”.


a nice, bright ruby/purple color with young black cherries and spicy aromas.  mouth watering acidity, smooth, ripe tannins and medium intensity of juicy prunes, sour cherries and christmas spices on the palates.  complex, quickly evolving glass after glass into a very intriguing perfum of violets, mint and cherries which explodes on the palate and last for a good finish.  very good quality for the price.  will definitely buy again for nice and easy drinking during the week.


pertinace 2005 – barbera d’alba – price hkd 148 at city super in causeway bay