blogging away and "conflict of interest"

this blogging thing is a little bit weird in some ways.  i mean, there you are: yours truly writing down his thoughts, hoping someone will read them and actually find them interesting...

then there is in some ways self-censorship at play .  how much ranting should i air so openly?  believe me that, for a guy like me, this medium of self-expresion is very tempting indeed.  in fact, maria already calls me a grumpy old man at the tender age of 40, so you can now understand why i tell everyone who wants to hear that she is already a saint... 

then, there is this "statement of principles" that more than one blogger put on their sites assuring us, idealistic readers that we are, that there is no conflict of interest when a restaurant or a wine is reviewed and that no money is collected when a hyperlink is clicked. 

well ladies and gentlemen of the world wide web, here is our statement: we pay for all our meals and all our wines.  when we make a review it is because we genuinely liked the experience and when you see a link it is to freely and enthusiatically share the experience with our dear readers. 

the only areas of our site where we will make huge amounts of money is when you will support us by clicking on the google ad and buy the books we list in the amazon box below. 

of course, if you buy one of our travel bag (patented and manufactured exclusively to our specs), not only will you ensure the your clothes are not spoiled when you carry wine in your suitcase, but you will make is very happy.  

and so, we hope that our statement is clear enough and that, one of you in particular will be satisfied that there is no conflict of interest in these pages - just plain enthusiasm and passion for wine and for food!