the thrill of travel

even today, after miles and miles of travels around china and the world, i get a thrill every time i am about to leave on a trip. 

i do not quite know what it is but i get a buzz just preparing my suitcase.  maybe it is the anticipation of all the new things and people i will see or maybe it is just the break of my routine. 

no matter, i always love planning my trips super carefully, looking at all the options in and around my destinations, making bookings in advance, even tracing down the maps for the routes i will take.

in fact, my friends always make fun of this habit.  they say it kills the spontaneity of holidays.  it defeats the whole purpose of a supposedly period of total "freedom".  i obviously disagree with this. to me, carefull preparation is about maximizing the opportunities while at my destination and taking care of the small details in advance will just reduce the stress and increase the enjoyment of the small things so that i can experience the place "like a native", so to speak.

in any case, tomorrow i am leaving for one of the longest trip i have made since i first arrived in hong kong 15 years ago.  my journey will bring me to amsterdam, friedrishafen, rome, sant'agata dei goti, amalfi, frascati, new york, las vegas, sonoma, yountville, napa valley, and then back to hong kong.

of course, as i journey, i will try to keep these pages up to date.