the 1st step toward château grande passione

yes, maria and i are now "vignerons".  to be precise, we are "web-vignerons".

a great present we received from milena and thibeault for christmas: a right to 12 vines of cabernet franc and malbec at domaine du clos roussely for the 2009 vintage.

thanks to a great initiative by we will be able to visit the domaine in touraine (loire) in spring 2010 and participate to the blending and "mise en fût" of the vintage 2009 and be able to collect our 12 bottles once it has spent the required amount of time in "barriques"

mes vignes offer their clients the choice of several wine properties around france.  once a "web-vigneron", you will receive updates online about your chosen vintage, news and information about the various winemaking steps throughout the year, and the options to participates in different activities at the property whether it be the discovery of the domaine, its harvest, or the blending of the wines.

in spring 2010, we are scheduled to go directly and personally at the estate and learn first hand about the fine art of blending and preparing the wine for ageing.

a great gift for a wine lover and certainly a fantastic way for the wine estate to build an emotional connection with its clients and future clients.

the icing on the cake.  we will receive 12 bottles labelled with our own name.  the 1st grande passione vintage!!