a fantastic dinner at broeding munich

dining at broeding on my first night to munich was so good that i ended up returning on the last evening before flying back to hong kong - a big break to our rule of never dining twice at the same restaurant during the same trip.

each time i am about to travel, i carefully plan where i will have my dinners and i even make reservations before leaving hong kong. and so, it is through the new york times website that i found broeding.

the evening started pretty well. thanks to fantastic july weather, i was lead to their quaint little garden, served a crisp sparkling wine as aperitif, and received a full briefing of their fixed dinner menu.

in fact, you go to broeding for what the chef (manuel reheis) will cook that night and there is no other choice except than to decide whether you will have 5 courses or if you will also have the cheese plate to make it a 6 course meal.

the wine if left up to you but, as  they specialise in austrian wines, no other region is available as an option.  in fact this is what grabbed my curiosity and  made me decide to go there in the first place.  since i knew too little about austria, i thought it would be a great opportunity to learn and so i left it to the owner to suggest a match to each dish with what he saw fit.

and delighted i was.  the food was absolutely superb and each wines brought me in all kinds of directions.

but, it is the main course which made me reach reach a culinary peak i too seldom get in meals in hong kong (and pretty much anywhere for that matter).  i still remember the lamb, slow cooked to juicy tenderness, served with a dark cherry sauce and a delightful zucchini flower.  it was paired with a moric necken markter blaufrankisch 2005 (ripe raspberries, luscious dark cherries, plum, spicy and smoky with an incredibly long length) which was so perfectly married to the ingredients on my plate that i frankly do not remember another match that gave me so much sensations.

the rest of the meal ended up so well that after my deserts i changed my mind and asked them to bring me the cheese and make it a 6-course meal.

i highly recommend broeding for the food, the wine, but most importantly, for the passion for owner/manager gottfried wallisch who started his restaurant almost 20 years ago, against all odds and with a formula that has changed little since its beginning when he was told he would not last 6 months.

for sure, i will make this a compulsory visit each time i travel to munich.

broeding, schulstrasse 9, munich, 80634, tel: 089/16-42-38, web: www.broeding.de