our wine travel bag protects wine bottles inside checked luggages

how many times have we checked-in wine bottles inside luggages and prayed all the way to our final destination wishing to all gods they would not break and ruin our clothes and other valuables?

this is the thought i had when i spoke with an enoteca owner in venice a few months after the london bombing.  as he had nothing for me to pack my bottles, not even those white pieces of styrofoam, how could i bring back my wine safely?

back in hong kong, i started to make plans.  i wanted to conceive a products that was user-friendly, compact, and gave me protection and peace of mind.

and so, i came up with our travel bag.  inflatable, as easy to use as one of those aeroplane pillows and as compact when not in use, it offers shock resistance and it has a triple "zip-lock" system that makes it 100% hermetic and leak-proof in case disaster strikes.

it works!  in fact, better than i imagined.  on my last trip from napa valley, i carried 8 bottles back to hong kong and thanks to the travel bag, they were in pristine conditions on arrival.

we have sold thousands and now have 4 distributors and offer it over the internet on our sister site http://www.grandepassionecollection.com/.

check it out!