tasting notes - the 1st series

finally today, i have started to taste some of the 200+ bottles that are now standing patiently on my dinning room floor and waiting to be opened and carefully evaluated.

so today, maria and i have started to taste as per the wset systematic apprach to tasting level 4.  we are planning to do this at least each saturday after-noon and taste at least 5-6 wines and then post our conclusion right here on this blog.

if you are familiar with wset tasting notes, i invite you to check my conclusions below and please give me your comments so that i can improve them and eventually score high in my exam in june.

here goes my notes - you can click on each wine names to download the more detailed notes in a pdf format:

fournier père & fils sancèrre 2006
a good balance of component with a good length however somewhat lacking in complexity so that difficult to perceive its orgin & varietal characteristics.  entry level wine.

marks & spencer margaret river semillon/sauvignon 2006
acceptable entry level wine.  some complexity and some intensity.  however, perception of acidification is present and acidity feels slightly unbalanced over its alcohol.  low varietal + origin characterisitcs

châteaux thieuley 2003
acceptable medium level wine.  showing characteristics of much work in the winery: oak ageing + quality fruit.  components in balance.  some complexity from fruit and production method.

pirque estate sauvignon blanc 2007
good entry level wine.  good varietal + orgin characteristics, and a good length.  however slightly lacking in elegance & finesse to be considered a premium level wine.

marks & spencer kaituna hills sauvignon blanc 2007
an excellent entry level wine.  perfect balance of components, clear characteristics of varietal + origin.  long + complex on palate.  well crafted wine made with care and quality material & techniques

these wines were purchased at watson's wine cellar and marks & spencer in hong kong central