on the meaning of the word "crisp"...

last night at a presentation i was giving to friends, i was talking about how much the sauvignon blanc we just had was considered to be in the "light, crisp, and fresh" category.

since we just had about 1 glass each and since, to me, the wine was unmistakably "light, crisp, and fresh", i was pretty sure the concept was clear as fresh water.

and so, i went on and on about how some wines like sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, gruner vetliner, vinho verde, muscadet, and others were "light, crisp, and fresh".

about 10 minutes into my presentation, because i have a rule that all questions are acceptable no matter if i can answer them or not, someone asked me what i meant by "crisp".

this stopped me right there in my tracks.  for a few seconds i was completely speechless, and, as a talking machine myself, you can ask maria how often that happens!  and so, i asked if anyone in the group could tell us what they thought it meant.

and this is when i had a sort of epiphany: everyone had an "idea" but no one actually knew what i was talking about!

a wine that is crisp??? from their point of view, i was actually talking complete nonsense. 

from my point of view, after reading books after books on wine and after poring over tasting notes after tasting notes in magazines and wine guides, i once again realised that the language of "wine experts" have very little in common with wine lovers who are starting to learn about it.

and this is exactly the bridge i want to gap.  not only do i want to transmit some of the passion i have for wine, but i want to be the translator of all of this wine-geek language and make winespeak easy to grasp and easy to understand for all wine lovers, no matter their point of departure.

in fact, i want to invent a whole new way of sharing about wine and i am thinking about this every day.  i am sure i am not the 1st one to think about this but one thing is sure, i am surely obsessed with this.

"crisp" by the way is generally the way a wine is described when it is high in acidity and it feels very much like crunching on a nice fresh green apple.