Winescribe, a serious Ipad app to effortlessly record tasting notes...Now available!

icon_final.png Winescribe is a killer wine app developed to record wine tasting notes in a complete and systematic way. Fully searchable to quickly and easily retrieve notes from previous tastings, it can be exported into a Microsoft Excel spreadhseet.

Designed to increase focus on tasting and minimize inconveniences of writing a note. Winescribe is simple, seamless, and practical.

No more clumsy, unreadable notes because of overcrowded tasting rooms and the impracticality of handling a glass, a notebook, and a pen while tasting and concentrating on the wine all at once!


★ Organized by Tasting Events.

★ Structured in a systematic method to tasting for complete and consistent notes.

★ Several easy to use drop-down lists and sliding scales with tasting terms to quickly select and minimize typing.

★ Intuitive and seamless navigation from one tasting category to another to maximize inspiration while tasting.

★ Includes a 100-points scale to rate each wine.

★ Many sections to records additional notes.

★ Fully editable notes at anytime.

★ Exportable to Microsoft Excel Spreadhseet.

★ Glossary of wine tasting terms.

★ Fully searchable by:

- Producer;
- Region;
- Grape Variety;
- Vintage;
- Overall Rating.

Winescribe is available at any Ipad App Store around the world. Click here for more info.


Notes are recorded neatly, into a tasting book format:


Several sliding scales throughout the app to effortlessly record the impression of the wine:

intensity scale.jpg

Also including aromas and flavors menus to help brainstorm some aromatic possibilities:

aroma menu.jpg

A lightbox is imbedded to facilitate analysis of color in any environment:


A dictionary is provided to clarify the meaning behind the words:


We are committed to continue improving Winescribe and we are very receptive to feedback and suggestion. Please contact us at: for any comments and questions.

If you enjoy Winescribe, please do not hesitate to refer the app to your friends and colleagues.