Reverse Engineer My Tasting Notes & Win A Free Delong's Grape Varietal Table (Deluxe) - Part 1...

This week, we had a group tasting in which we had to focus on clues in the glass to identify origin (question 2 in WSET L4 Unit 3). Below, I list my notes on 3 of them. I will give a free DeLong's Wine Grape Varietal Table (Deluxe) to the 1st person (in Hong Kong) who can guess which region the notes refer to. In part 2, I will use the same notes to draw that conclusion.

Tasting notes can sound strange at times, especially when the language used to write them is rather poetic (read outrageous). Worst when there is absolutely no consistency between one note and another. All too often, the notes have no relation whatsoever to the wines. What use can they be?

The WSET has developed a very strong approach to tasting. This approach is key to passing the Level 3 or Level 4 (a.k.a "The Big One") qualifications. Their point of view is that a tasting note should be systematic and consistent. It should gives you the clues to conclude as objectively as possible about quality/value, tipicity of origin/variety, readiness for drinking, and ageing ability.

The key in this approach is to clearly understand how each aspects analyzed relate to viticulture, vinification, and maturation so that each clues make sense to reach a conclusion.

So, here are my notes:

3 Red Wines are from the same region. Identify giving reasons.


- wine 1: pale ruby w/ pale rim

- wine 2: medium ruby w/ paler breaking rim

- wine 3: deep ruby w/ paler breaking rim


- wine 1: medium + intensity, bright & crisp fruits, red cherries, raspberries, blackberries (delicate), touch floral, pear drops, touch spices, no clear varietal profile

- wine 2: medium + intensity, restrained/delicate fruit, wide spectrum, complex, black cherries, kirsch, slightly jammy, delicate spices, touch leather & earthiness, no clear varietal profile

- wine 3: medium intensity, restrained/delicate fruit, wide spectrum, complex, red & black fruits, jammy, raisin, plum, floral notes, delicate spices, earthy, no clear varietal profile


- wine 1: medium acidity, medium- tannin (velvet), medium alcohol (12%), medium body, fresh & juicy as nose, medium intensity, medium- length

- wine 2: medium acidity, medium+ tannin (velvet), high alcohol (14%), full bodied, fresh & juicy, as nose, more earthy/spicy, medium+ intensity, medium+ length

- wine 3: off-dry (?), medium- acidity, high tannin (silky), high alcohol (15%), full bodied, juicy, soft, medium intensity, medium- length

see if you can let me know within 1 week: jcviens[[at]]