Vigna Quintodecimo Taurasi Riserva '07 - Proof That Aglianico Is a Noble Grape...


Mark my words, I am certain that the Aglianico  grape is the next big thing in Italy.  The grape has so much potential there is no reason why not.

What makes it so?  First, its primary aromas are super complex with black & red berries, earthiness, spices & dark chocolate.  Second, it produces a wine with such a structure (high acidity & high tannins) that it can age for a very long time.  To survive this process and develop amazing complexity, it achieves very easily the sort of dense concentration that other regions of the world can only reach with overripeness or desiccation on the vine.  

Take the Radici Taurasi from Mastroberardino.  An amazing wine after 15-20 years in bottle.  We had one of those last September and it was just stunning. 

Last night, I made a wonderful discovery: Vigna Quintodecimo Taurasi Riserva '07...  a beautiful wine!

Compared to a Mastroberardino which is more "traditional' in style the Quintodecimo is more "modern" with very low yield and generous use of 100% new oak barrels (24 months total, 12 of those before the final blend).  

In fact this wine reminds me of the style often found with the very best of Bordeaux.  Very clean, fleshy, seductive texture with super silky tannins with plenty of sweet vanilla spices, and certainly the density to age forever.  Of course Bordeaux wines are made with completely different grapes and this is what makes this one very special.  In Bordeaux, they need 2-3, sometimes more grapes to achieve this amazing balance of structure but here, a single grape, the Aglianico, is used to get this very difficult balance between acidity, silky tannins & flesh that is required to achieve the necessary ageing potential.

My tasting Notes:

Very dense fruit & sweet spices complexity, seductive texture w/ beautiful silky tannins... Fleshy w/uplifting acidity... Wonderful finish: intense & haunting... A luxurious & generous wine... A keeper, that's for sure!!