NoninoTonic, A Wonderful Example Of Innovation...

In case anyone would like to know, my philosophy is rather simple: "as the earth moves on its axis, I believe the only one way to a successful life is momentum". Moving ahead, embracing change, & constantly exploring new opportunities.

Many questions of the MW (now) paper 4 on business are focused on topics along the lines of: "what can be done to revitalize this or that segment of the wine industry". As the wine industry is sooo conservative, surely, one of the key answer must be: INNOVATE.

Here is what Grappa Nonino did with their Grappa. Mind you, They are not in the wine industry per se as they actually sell a spirit, but still, it is made from the skin of the wine grapes & so very closely related to it, at least more so than gin, whisky or tequilla for example.

They dared to break some taboos & launched a campaign to encourage "happy hour" drinkers to consider "a new way of drinking gappa". To replace gin in their tonic. As in "NoninoTonic". They even registerd the brand! Why not? 

Why not indeed, it is actually absolutely delicious!

Do we have to be so purists in the wine industry and not consider alternative ways to enjoy our favourite drink?

Go Nonino!