Grape Profile Tables - Italian Grape Varieties (Red & White)

Here are new Grape Profile Tables this time for Italian Grape Varieties in white & red color - you can find it here from my Dropbox folder.

The tables were compiled mostly using the excellent book on Italian Grapes by Ian D'Agata - "Native Grapes of Italy".

The following publications were also consulted:

oz clarke, grapes & vines 
delong's wine grape varietal table
clive michelsen, tasting & grading wine
- pierre galet, les grands cépages
hugh johnson & jancis robinson the world atlas of wine
fiona beckett, wine by style
jancis robinson, julia harding, jose vouillamoz, wine grapes

Because Italy is a treasure trove of fantastic grapes from which glorious wines can be made from, I selected the ones on the tables based on personal preference as well as what I feel are the up-and-coming wines in the global markets.

As ever, this is a work in progress and I invite any comments and feedback so that I can improve it.

I hope they will facilitate the discovery of vinous wonders off the beaten path of Italy!!