Another Study Guide - My Sparkling Wines Profile Table...

Following my post in Jancis Robinson's website forum thread "WSET Diploma" in which I shared a study guide on major grape varieties, here I would like to share a guide on Sparkling Wines: (pdf document in dropbox folder).

it is a unique table now its 2nd edition. it lists the major sparkling wine styles found around the world. for each, it describes typical grapes, structure, production methods & dosage. 

a tool to memorize and use alongside tastings to help imprint the distinctive character of each styles.

it was built using references from the well respected publications below as well as with some adjustments from the experience of my own wine tastings:

- jancis robinsonthe oxford companio to wine:
- tom stevenson, essi avellanchristie's world encyclopedia of champagne & sparkling wine:
- tom stevensonthe sotheby's wine encyclopedia:
- vincent gasnierhow to choise wine:
- official websites: 
prosecco superiore:
> various & some of the best producers in each region

i also would like to acknowledge the help of tersina shieh with whom i have spent countless hours tasting wines and debating this table...

i hope you find it useful for your studies... as ever, this is a work in progress and so, if you find that an amendment is required, please do not hesitate to let me know...

i hope this helps!!