Sake @ Shinto Shrines - A Way To Bring Gods & People Together...

Today, I was fascinated to learn the importance of Sake at Shinto Shrines. 

Especially at a festival so important as the New Year's Celebration when Japanese people visit Shrines & Temples to petition the Gods for good fortune for the coming year ("Hatsumōde")...

I learned that in fact, in ancient texts, the word used for sake was "miki" or more correctly, 神酒 which are the characters for ‘god’ and ‘wine.’

On researching this, I read that “in Japan, sake has always been a way of bringing our gods and people together and that people would go a shrine festival and be given rice wine to drink, and they would feel happy and closer to the gods.”

Wonderful way to start the year!

Here's to your good luck in 2014!