Charling Bolllicine, Trying Something New In Italy!

It is always very exciting to meet someone who is trying to do things differently and spares no efforts into finding a way to make them work. More especially in a country like Italy, where everybody keeps saying that the economy is a total disaster and that nothing is happening. 

Alessandro Fedalto is such a person. His project, Charling, is a sparkling wine made in the Charmat method from organic Chardonnay and Riesling grapes grown in the region of Treviso of Northern Italy. With an eye on design and marketing, Alessandro identified that one way to differentiate the product was not only in its blend but also in the design of its bottle. With his own savings, he hired a designer to come up with a unique bottle shape, patented it, and then invested in molds at a glass factory so that it could be produced to his own specifications.

The result is really beautiful. An elegant rubberised black finish w/ a golden ring & ab embossed BO C NE for BOLLLICINE, the bubbles. 3 “L” to remind us of the 3 colours of the Italian flag to tell the world that it is proud of its origin.

Last month, we tasted the wine at a WSET class in which we reviewed sparkling wines from around the world. Made in the brut style, we found the wine to be:

Pale lemon green color w/ moderately fine & persistent bubbles. A delicate nose w/ certain vibrancy of expression w/ vibrant floral notes & citrus citrus fruit. Quite perfumed. The palate showed a delicate mousse & crisp acidity. The finish was perfumed & delicately lingering. A good wine. Engaging & pleasant.

A great effort worthy of our support!!