Dining in Venice - "Buona Accoglienza"Association of Restaurants

Travelling to Venice can be as frustrating as it can be thrilling & unforgetable. In fact, Venice is my favourite city in the entire world. I love her w/ a passion. The thing is, it takes patience & curiosity to reap the rewards that she can offer. Especially in "calle" off the beaten path. Actually, it is the only that Venice can be appreciated to its gloriest.

Established in 1992, the Associazione dei "Ristoranti della Buona Accoglienza" of Venice sprang from a shared passion for the Venetian food and wine culture and with the aim of safeguarding and promoting the remarkable specialities produced in the lagoon area. 

Loosely translated, "accoglienza" means "hospitality". These restaurants endeavour to offer a respect for traditional methods and recipes, their original interpretation and a constant dedication to the quality and seasonality of the products are the ingredients that guarantee the great variety of choice and first-class cuisine throughout the year.

Over the years, I tried many places in Venice. 3 of them are on their list (which can be found on their website w/ respective descriptions: http://bit.ly/1yr1MxP). They are:

Antiche Carampane, perhaps my top most favourite restaurant in the world! Far away in the middle of San Polo, this place offers an incredible atmosphere & beautiful local food.

Al Covo, lovely location in Castello, the food is precise & the terrace is where one can see the beautiful people of Venice passing by. 

Al Gatto Nero in Burano, is one of only 2 restaurants open at night in Burano when hordes of photo amateurs leave the island & leave it at its best. Rooms are available at Venissa (http://bit.ly/1yr2ZoI) where a beautiful local experience can be had in this tranquil island.

I encourage everyone to try the other restaurants in the list, especially Corte Sconta & Vini Da Gigio which, from the outside, looked absolutely fantastic!