Jeremy Parzen Should Know Better...

I am so bored of bloggers who, when writing about wine, especially about Italian wine, always take the moral high ground from their pedestal and use controversy in order to push for their own agenda and attract attention to themselves.
Here is an opinion piece by Jeremy Parzen that is distorted and misrepresentative.
Perhaps it would be more useful if it was backed-up with statistics to see what is really happening in the market.
For sure, the UK market seems to be behaving in a very different way. Take an article published in the Drinks business in November which states "On-trade supplier Bibendum has seen sales of super-premium Prosecco shoot up by 295% in the last year, while premium sales were up by 150%" (
On the website of the Prosecco DOCG Consortium one can find official statistics ( which seems to refute greatly the opinion discussed in teh piece. Let's look at a few to put things in their perspective:

Italy consumes 59.6% of the DOCG wines produced, while Germany, it's 2nd market, consumes 22%, Swizterland 21%, the UK 17%, and the USA 9.5% of its production. However, sales in the USA have increased 274% since 2003 and has increased by 15.5% from 2012 to 2013, the latest data available. Meanwhile, world sales have increased 196% since 2003 with Germany + 97%, Swizterland + 99% and UK sales increase at an average of 11% per year. Italy itself increased its consumption by 5% per year since the 2008, when the DOCG was officialized.
Let's not forget that the Consortium is funded by its members to represent them not only at the marketing level but also at the policy level. Without data, it is difficult for me to be sure, but my "opinion" is that the Consortium now works on using its (low) budget in the most efficient way by consolidating its strongest markets first (Germany & UK) and while working on new markets (China & Japan). 

In the USA, we can see through this link ( that it did hold events and promotions in the markets in several occasions. Only in the last 3 months: DEC 1-4 at Eataly Chicago & New York, NOV 13 again in Chicago w/ Luxehome & Wine Spectator, NOV 5 & 10 with 2 workshops in Miami & New York, NOV 3 at the Annual Feast Event 2014 organised by Wine Spectator in New York.
To state that "the DOCG growers consortium hasn't done more to raise awareness of the differences in quality" is not fair. Again, I do not have hard data upon which to base my claim, but I strongly beleive that the Consortium does not have the same marketing budget as does Coca-Cola, and even Cupcake for that matter.
It also my opinion that the Consortium hopes for wine writers such a Jeremy Parzen, who claims to love Italy and its wine so much and who should know better for all people, to actually be more constructive in its use of the space he is allocated and actually write informative pieces rather than pieces that are written to attract attention to himself by distorting the actual situation in the market. 

There are so many topics to write about.  For example, why did he not use the space to speak about how the newly created Rive category is gaining traction in the market?  Why did he not himself clearly explain the differences between the DOC and the DOCG appellations by doing an actual comparative tasting, blind and write his own tasting notes? 

It is so boring, so, so boring, to read these guys take pleasure in constantly hitting on the head of the Italians and tell the world how badly they do things when in fact, the data show clearly that they are doing great things and things are seriously improving in Italy!

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