Sulphites Limits For Various Categories Of Wine...

here is neat infographic by stating the maximum amount of total so2 allowed in wine according to various categories: 

conventionnel = conventional
bio = organic
biodynamie = biodynamic certified demeter (strictest of all)
naturel = as per the natural wine association (
s.a.i.n.s = "healthy" in french for those wine makers who add nothing at all (

a very important point must be specified however.  i find this type of chart a little misleading in some way.  because it sort of implies that if a winery is not certified "organic" or biodynamic" that it automatically makes wine as per the "conventional" way & therefore used all kinds of additives & a total so2 levels between 150 & 200.  this is far from the truth.  

in fact, a study (peterson 2000 - has shown that the average amount of total so2 in american wines tested  in 1999 was 64 mg/l with only 4% of those tested above 150 mg/l.  this is well within the biodynamic requirements.

to put that in further perspective, another study has shown that healthy individuals can consume 400 mg of so2 per day for a few weeks without adverse effects (hotzel 1969 -

many winemakers friends, who are not certified in any way & are recognized as some of the best in their category without calling themselves "natural" or "authentic", have told me over & over that they use about 40-55 mg total so2 in average. 

this is why i feel the issue of "no so2" wine must be taken seriously & also critically...