Nonino, 120 years of innovation

Remaining true to artisanal methods of production, the family has fundamentally transformed Grappa and made it a symbol of the Italian art of living.

The first thing you notice when meeting the Nonino family is its incredible energy.  An energy so powerful that it feels like being drawn into a whirlwind.  After a few minutes, you realize that it is not energy that animates them, it is ideas.  Ideas so advanced that you cannot help feeling a step behind, always trying to catch up.  People will tell you that meeting the Noninos changed their lives forever, that encountering this legendary family is a transformational experience.

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Taste Like A Pro, a framework

This column is the last of twenty-three installments which aim to shed light on the various factors that influence the style and quality of a wine. With this issue, I want to share my approach to tasting wine and hopefully embolden wine lovers and students, even those pursuing the Master of Wine title, to approach the task with confidence and a sure strategy.

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