Taste Like A Pro, a framework

This column is the last of twenty-three installments which aim to shed light on the various factors that influence the style and quality of a wine. With this issue, I want to share my approach to tasting wine and hopefully embolden wine lovers and students, even those pursuing the Master of Wine title, to approach the task with confidence and a sure strategy.

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A Framework To Understanding Wine...

The more I study and teach about wine, the more I realise that a source of many complications and confusion for many wine student when it comes to wine appreciation is a general lack of a framework of thinking to approach their journey of discovery.  In this post, I want to propose an approach, a way of thinking that lays solid foundations upon which to rest the building blocks of wine knowledge and help to connect the dots more effectively. 

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Latest Study Guide - Rosé Wines...

Here my latest Study Guide, this time on Rosé wines: http://bit.ly/1aIjWkL. Actually the most difficult table to compile of them all...

I was surprised to learn how many styles of Rosé wines there are in the world.  Huge number of styles.  Also, it seems that there are not too much agreement as to the vocabulary of the winemaking process in various websites.  Is Rosé production a trade secret more closely guarded than anything else?

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