A Fantastic Evening At Pierre Gagnaire, Rue Balzac...

there is no denying from my part that i love pierre gagnaire's food (let's be clear that i do not know him personally, however i would love to have him over for dinner at my home for dinner - a leg of lamb of something simple like this of course...) so, perhaps it makes me biased, or perhaps not....

bottom line is that tonight at his restaurant on rue balzac in parisi was absolutely thrilled!

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My Paris

a friend last night asked me for recommendations to visit paris for a a week-end.  and so, i have decided to write a blog post in case you might be interested.  of course, these are based on a perhaps a strange idea that when i go 3-4 times per year, i like to feel as though i live there and try to do things as i think i would if i would really live in the beautiful city of love that is paris, the eternal!

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Dining in Venice - "Buona Accoglienza"Association of Restaurants

Travelling to Venice can be as frustrating as it can be thrilling & unforgetable. In fact, Venice is my favourite city in the entire world. I love her w/ a passion. The thing is, it takes patience & curiosity to reap the rewards that she can offer. Especially in "calle" off the beaten path. Actually, it is the only that Venice can be appreciated to its gloriest.

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