madeira barbeito verdelho old reserve 10 years old - made to enjoy for pleasure….

as i am currently preparing for an important wine tasting exam, i am all too aware that some wines are so powerful that they are better tasted after others.  their sheer intensity and strong personality are sure to overtake the subtle character of other wines in a flight.  

this is especially true of exceptional and beautiful wines.  they overtake the senses so completely that it is very difficult to immediately return to normality after tasting them. 

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Olivier Bernstein's Meursault 1er Cru Les Charmes '08, a moment of pure ecstasy...

There are moments when, out of the blue, an intense emotion takes over the whole body sending through a deep sensation of warmth and well being... Moments when it feels as though the entire nervous system shuts down for a period that in reality lasts only 1-2 seconds but appears to last an eternity. That was the way i felt exactly as i was drinking olivier bernstein's meursault 1er cru les charmes '08 this evening...

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