Weekly Practice Tasting Red Burgundy - A Lesson In Quality Levels...

These days, I am a little obsessed with assessment of quality.  Not so much in terms of good/better/best per se but more in terms of regional/villages/1er cru/grand cru.  Some will say it is pretty much the same, but in an exam situation like the WSET or the MW, we are often asked to position the wine "within context of origin", in other words not only to justify how good is the wine among its peers, but also to position it within a certain quality segment of that region where it comes from.

In fact, the whole point of assessing wine for quality within the context of the WSET Systematic Approach should be to establish value but also to ascertain whether the wine is correctly positioned within the "quality segments" of its region of origin.  Sometimes, one can find some pretty good deals of wines classified "basic" but with a quality much higher than normally found within the category.

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Domaine Ponsot Morey St-Denis 1er Cru Clos Des Monts Luisants Vielles Vignes 2006

Last night, at a dinner hosted by the "Confrérie Des Chevaliers Du Tastevin", I had another fantastic experience with a "natural" wine.  This time, from Morey St-Denis in Burgundy. From a wine made predominantly of Aligoté grapes grown on 95 years old vines and with absolutely minimal intervention in the cellar.  No SO2 and no filtration.

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"Taste Like A Pro...Burgundy Côte De Beaune" - Our Next Wine Workshop 05 January

Please come and join me for our next wine workshop designed to explore the regional particularities of the Côte De Beaune in Burgundy.

Expanding on our highly popular workshop "How To Taste Like A Pro", this class will also help us learn the specific "markers" that enable a wine pro to identify the wines of the region in a blind tasting.

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