"Taste Like A Pro...Sensory" - Back By Popular Demand 25 September

To meet an extremely enthusiastic response, I am running a 2nd "Sensory" workshop.  Only a few spots left.  Please book today!

Finally, a wine workshop for the serious wine geek...

The 1st things we are asked to do when served a wine in a restaurant is to decide if the wine is in good condition.  However, do we actually know how a wine fault smells like?

In this tutored tasting, we will explore 10 of the most common wine aromas found in high quality as well as faulty wines.

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Taste Like A Pro....Sweet Wines - Wine Workshop 10 May

Expanding on our highly popular workshop "How To Taste Like A Pro", we will focus this week on Sweet Wines.

In this class will also learn the specific "markers" that enable a wine pro to identify each style of wines in a blind tasting.

Using a systematic approach to tasting, we will also be able to pinpoint origin, evaluate quality, and recognize the wine making techniques used to craft each wine.

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"Taste Like A Pro"... Fortified Wines - Workshop 03 May

Expanding on our popular wine workshop "How To Taste Like A Pro" , we now focus on Fortified Wines. 

In this session, we will identify the specific characteristics of each style and the  differences found from around the world.

By comparing and contrasting the wines throughout the evening, we will focus on the clues in the glass to draw a picture of each wines and regions of origin.  We will learn about structure, aromatic profile, wine making technique, all of which influence style & quality.

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