My Grape Profile Table, Fully Revised & Updated!

An invaluable tasting can download the latest PDF here from my dropbox folder.

At the BBR Portfolio tasting earlier this week, I felt very happy when Vincent, a student of WSET L4 I had not previously met, approached me to say that this table helped him tremendously with his unit 3 exam - aka "the big one"...

In his honor, I release here the latest version.  It is a unique table of its kind and now its 4th edition.

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Fortified Wines Practice Tasting... A Lesson In Structure...

Tasting fortified wines on Saturday, the point that wine structure really is key for recognition in a blind situation was once again reinforced in a major way. I

f you put side by side, and Amontillado, an Oloroso, a Sercial, and even a Verdelho, you will see that the colour is pretty much the same.  All are clearly "rancio" on the 1st sniff. And, with alcohol ranging from 18.5 to 19. to 20%, it is evident that you are in the presence of a fortified wine. And so, what sets them apart.  

Structure is the key.  The Amontillado and the Oloroso both have a much lower level of acidity compared to the Sercial and Verdelho.  In fact, acidity is what clearly sets the Madeiras from the Sherries... Let's see now, with a flight of each type, how the different wines compare and contrast each other...

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