Latest Study Guide - Rosé Wines...

Here my latest Study Guide, this time on Rosé wines: Actually the most difficult table to compile of them all...

I was surprised to learn how many styles of Rosé wines there are in the world.  Huge number of styles.  Also, it seems that there are not too much agreement as to the vocabulary of the winemaking process in various websites.  Is Rosé production a trade secret more closely guarded than anything else?

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A New Table: Winemaking, Causes & Effects On The Character Of A Wine...

Just for fun, I created a new Study Guide... This time a table quickly outlining the effects of winemaking techniques on the character of a wine... You can find it here: (dropbox folder).

This is based on so many books I have studied over the past 4 years, I can not list them all here. I had it checked by a winemaker master of wine at my last residential seminar & it pretty much covers all.

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My New Study Guide - Sweet Wine Profile Table

Following my study guide on major grape varieties, here I would like to share a guide on Sweet Wines: (pdf document in dropbox folder).

It is a unique table now its 2nd edition. It lists the major sweet wines styles found around the world. For each, it describes typical grapes, structure, production methods & sugar levels.

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Another Study Guide - My Sparkling Wines Profile Table...

Following my post in Jancis Robinson's website forum thread "WSET Diploma" in which I shared a study guide on major grape varieties, here I would like to share a guide on Sparkling Wines: (pdf document in dropbox folder).

it is a unique table now its 2nd edition. it lists the major sparkling wine styles found around the world. for each, it describes typical grapes, structure, production methods & dosage. 

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My Grape Profile Table, Fully Revised & Updated!

An invaluable tasting can download the latest PDF here from my dropbox folder.

At the BBR Portfolio tasting earlier this week, I felt very happy when Vincent, a student of WSET L4 I had not previously met, approached me to say that this table helped him tremendously with his unit 3 exam - aka "the big one"...

In his honor, I release here the latest version.  It is a unique table of its kind and now its 4th edition.

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